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Tweet the Stock Price Contest

Tweet the Stock-Price Contest

I am going to conduct a stock-prediction contest on my twitter account (thinkervenu) every week. I will pin the stock name to my twitter and you have to predict the correct closing price of the week. Your participation in the contest will end on the last but one trading day of the week. That means if the last day of trading is Friday, you have to reply with the price to the tweet by the end of Thursday. The correct prediction will win Rs 50 recharge to your phone. You have to add your phone number and the name of the service provider along with the predicted price of the stock so that I can credit the amount to your phone

I am on Cloud 9

I have become very busy and happy after I started investing in stock market. I have taken the investing as a big challenge and read many books related to it. On the top of everything, I successfully finished the Certificate Programme ( Research Analyst) with a distinction.  

Yes, I made some mistakes after I started investing in stocks. Anyway, I have successfully crossed the first year with some 2% monthly return. Though it is not a great achievement, I consider it a better performance than many people's first-year experience. I consider that I am at level-2 of my investment life. I expect more than 200% from this level. Then only I will consider myself as a successful investor. At this level, I want to stay invested in only the ten stocks I hold today. if you need analysis of any stock, you can approach me at You can always find my portfolio on the website

  My Ten Stocks:
1. TATA Motors
2. Sanwaria Consumers
3. Karuturi Global
4. TATA Global
5. Visagar Polytex
6. 3i Infotech
7. Ashok Leyland
8. IRB Infra
9. Gammon Infra
10. Welspun India 

Venugopal Bandlamudi
                         M.A., B.Ed.

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My portfolio

1. IRB Infra

2. Sanwaria

3. TATA Motors

4. TATA Global

5. Ashok Leyland

6. Gammon infra

7. 3i Infotech

8. Karuturi Global

9. Visagar Polytex

10.Welspun india

Venugopal Bandlamudi
                         M.A., B.Ed.

Successfully crossed 100,000 mark

I have successfully accumulated more than 100,000 shares of ten different companies until now. I will add more shares to my kitty in the future if I have any money available with me. Further, I don't want to have more than ten companies at a time in my portfolio. I believe persistence and patience are keys to success in investing

VENUGOPAL BANDLAMUDI., An Active Stock Market Investor & Certified Equity Research Analyst

Knowledge is Power 

Corruption has become the order of the day in all government offices in India. This is not good for this country. All the policy makers and people at large must take concrete action to root the corruption out of this country. Otherwise, there will be no future for this "Great" Nation.

"New-Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Switzerland are the cleanest countries in the world"
                 - Transparency International

The stock market tips I have learned until now
1) Always buy quality stocks belonging to good companies

2) Buy only a few companies ( less than 10 )

3) Watch them daily

4) Don’t sell the stocks very often

5) Keep them with irrespective of market condition

6) Invest in them long term

7) Buying mutual funds is good, select equity growth option

8) Always maintain a record of closing prices of your stocks

9) Don’t watch too much of TV channels while market is open

10) Don’t be driven by rumors

11) Alwa…