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Happy New Year to everyone

Hello buddies! How are you doing? The year 2018 is almost over. It has been a great year for me. My top achievements of the year are successful completion of the Research Analyst course and getting a stable investment attitude which withstands the market volatility. As you know I have been analysing the stocks for the last one year and also turned successful in it. But, I feel I have to read more to become skilful in this profession. Always feel free to tweet your stock queries to My Twitter 

I am also happy to announce that I am going to spend more time with you analysing stocks. There is a reason for it. Until now, no mobile company provided its services to my workplace. But the situation has suddenly changed one day back. The Reliance Jio has started providing its 4G service to my workplace. That means you are going to get quick responses from me on Twitter. But remember I have stopped using Facebook because the app is eating up my phone battery.  So, always post your stock queries to my twitter account. 

I am also preparing for another certificate course i.e. Investment Advisor. So, I will be able to serve you more efficiently after completion of this course. Your questions regarding stocks and investment are always welcome on my Twitter. Let's all bid a colourful farewell to 2018. The coming year may stay volatile for some time as that is the election year. But the second half of 2019 is going to be a festive season for us because the stock market will make a big upmove and is going to stay in positive territory for at least four years until another volatility strikes the market. In total, the market will have northward bias as India is a fast developing country whose micros are sound. Happy New Year once again!

 For more analysis of stocks and MFs, you can contact me at:

Venugopal Bandlamudi
                         M.A., B.Ed.

Mobile: 9492251416

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