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Why do I like Linux?

Here are some reasons why I use a Linux Operating System:

1. Linux OS is free. It involves neither direct costs nor indirect costs.

2. It is virus-free. Most of the times, it provides a secure environment. We need not use any anti-virus.

3. When I used Windows OS, I had to spend a considerable amount on its security and re-installation of Windows even though I used anti-virus. ( Note: Most of the Indians use a pirated version of Windows which make them vulnerable to many virus attacks). On the other hand, Linux always provides updates and security patches for free.

4. Most of the applications on Linux are free to use and get regular updates.

5. Windows is not an Open source OS. So, nobody knows what codes are in there. But Linux is an Open Source OS and anyone can read the code and suggest improvements. It gets regular improvements from expert developers all over the world who work for free.

6. Linux OS works much faster than Windows OS and easy to operate. Once we get accustomed to it, we will never revert to Windows.

7. Most of the Government Organisations around the World and many private organisations like Facebook, Google and Microsoft etc use Linux OS.

8. All the Android phones run on Linux OS.

9. There are many types of Linux Operating Systems available now. From them, I consider Linux Mint and Ubuntu Mate as the best ones. At present, I am using both Linux Mint and Ubuntu on my system. ( It is called dual booting )

Venugopal Bandlamudi
M.A., B.Ed.

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