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My Philosophy

What I believe  

I am a freethinker. I am a non-religious person and don't believe in any particular religious doctrines. I am certain that all that exists is real and natural. All that we see in this Universe is the various forms of matter and energy or some other form of matter that is not known to us.

All that exists in the world, including thought, mind, and will, can be explained in terms of physical phenomena. So, I think that nothing supernatural exists in this Universe. If we are not able to explain something in scientific terms, it does not mean there is something supernatural in it. But, it indicates only the dearth of the present scientific knowledge to explain it.

I also believe that there are no supernatural powers which control our actions on this earth. We are the makers of our own destiny. We, human beings, gain knowledge from our own reasoning power and we can make our life more pleasant with the help of scientific knowledge and by following our own common ethical standards. We derive all our moral code from the same reasoning power and from the human knowledge that has been accumulated since we were born on this earth.

I give utmost importance to individual freedom and liberty. I resist all types of dictatorship. I respect others' freedom and expect the same from them.


The foundation of Philosophy

If a Philosophy has to stand the test of time, it should be constructed on the basis of truth. There is no other wing of human knowledge better than Science, which can provide us the knowledge of the truth. That means Philosophy should take Science as its base to form its conclusions on any topic.

For example, we all know the scientific principle ' Matter can neither be created and nor destroyed .' What philosophical consequences does it give rise to? The matter is never created and never destroyed. That means nobody can create matter or destroy it. Then where is the place for the Creator or Babas in this scheme of things?

“Men—i.e. human minds, the needs, the hopes, fears, and expectations, the motives and aspirations of human individuals—are, if anything, the product of life in society rather than its creators.”

                                              -Karl Popper


The ways of the Universe are sometimes eccentric but everything in it is systematic. The Universe is a continuum of events where one event causes another which in turn results in some other event. Human beings are also part and parcel of this Universe. All the human actions, feelings, emotions including his thinking concur with the laws of this Universe. 

The human brain which is essentially rational understands this Universe in terms of cause and effect relationship. The rationality of the human brain is the reflection of orderliness in this Universe. Now and then the human brain falters in comprehending the laws of nature but it does not mean the Universe is a chaos. We are able to understand this Universe only because it works in a systematic way. If we take into consideration all the factors that take part in an event, we can easily determine the future course of that event. Occasionally we are disabled by our physiological limitations to understand happenings in this world at both micro and macro level. It does not indicate the Universe is in-deterministic or disorderly. All that happened, that is happening and that is going to happen do follow some laws and orderliness which can certainly be comprehended by the human brain. All the known and unknown portions of this universe are orderly and follow the laws of nature. 

Caste and religion…

I don't like flaunting my caste at the end of my name. There is nothing great or useful in the castes and religions of human society. Besides, I firmly believe that castes and religions are the main culprits in perpetuating human misery and sorrow.

A word of caution!

I want to throw light on how one's culture plays an important role in understanding swear words.

If any American says to another American " fuck you!"

The latter will reply " Lick my ass!"

But, if an American says to an Asian " fuck "

The Asian will raise a shotgun and rain bullets on the former as a reply. Because in Asian Culture, people do not use swear words very often. English is not their native language so they take the literal meaning of words.

Take care, buddies!

Why don't I believe in Astrology?

I don't think our fate is decided by the planets and stars so distant from us. The man is the maker of his own destiny. There is nothing beyond this universe. Moreover, Astrology is not a science. Everything preached in its name is not only nonsense but fraud as well.

Everyone on this earth is born to lead a happy life.Though we have no choice in taking birth, we have clear choices in making ourselves happy and leading a complete life. But, some unfortunate ones cannot lead the life they intended to. They suffer every day and every minute of their life from incurable diseases. I think such people must have the choice to end their life peacefully with the assistance of experts. It is very disgusting to see them lead their lives with great pain. 

Now, Governments are realizing the need of Euthanasia and making it legal. I think each case must be closely analyzed and decided by expert committees. The people who want to die are doing it irrespective of government's approval. Moreover, some patients are leading miserable lives in medically-vegetative conditions. Such cases too should be closely monitored and decided by expert committees.

Our education system needs...

Our education system needs a complete overhaul. The process of teaching and learning should get out of the four walls of the classrooms. The students are in dire need of practical and pragmatic training. They must learn everything by experiencing and doing.

Nowadays, we are following the age old methods of lecturing and using blackboards. But the best in students can be brought out only when they consider knowledge as a part and parcel of nature and learn its impact on their surroundings. The knowledge of nature should be taught in such a way that one day they may be able to discover new things by themselves. Moreover, the learning process must be made more fun than attempting some boring exams. Everything a student learns must be applicable to his life. The education system should stress not only on knowledge but moral values, love and affection, and appreciation of beauty. The students should be trained in morality in such a way that they use the learned knowledge for the welfare of the whole human society. Our world needs more compassionate and happy individuals than some confused and heartless technicians.

“Perhaps the best introduction to the philosophy which I wish to advocate will be a few words of autobiography. I was not born happy. As a child, my favorite hymn was: "Weary of earth and laden with my sin." At the age of five, I reflected that, if I should live to be seventy, I had only endured, so far, a fourteenth part of my whole life, and I felt the long-spread-out boredom ahead of me to be almost unendurable. In adolescence, I hated life and was continually on the verge of suicide, from which, however, I was restrained by the desire to know only more mathematics.

Now, on the contrary, I enjoy life; I might almost say that with every year that passes I enjoy it more. This is due partly to having discovered what were the things that I most desired, and having gradually acquired many of these things. Partly it is due to having successfully dismissed certain objects of desire — such as the acquisition of indubitable knowledge about something or other — as essentially unattainable. But very largely my current happiness is due to a diminishing preoccupation with myself.

Like others who had a Puritan education, I had the habit of meditating on my sins, follies, and shortcomings. I seemed to myself— no doubt justly — a miserable specimen. Gradually I learned to be indifferent to myself and my deficiencies; I came to center my attention increasingly upon external objects: the state of the world, various branches of knowledge, individuals for whom I felt affection. External interests, it is true, bring each its own possibility of pain: the world may be plunged into war, knowledge in some direction may be hard to achieve, friends may die. But pains of these kinds do not destroy the essential quality of life, as do those that spring from disgust with self. ”

― Bertrand Russell

What is death? 

Death is simply the transformation of a living thing into a nonliving thing. It's merely a chemical change. One should never fear death because it is known that eventually we will all become inanimate substances.

Women Empowerment 
Women have for long been treated as slaves to both man and family. Some people will call women as the better half of men. No, she should not be treated as half but must be recognized as a fully independent human being having equal rights.

In many, a society woman’s rights over her body and mind, not to say property, have not yet been recognized. They treat her as a housemaid. The woman is in no way inferior to man whether physiologically or psychologically. She is on par with a man on many fronts and has the potential to do all the things men do and achieve.  By denying them their equal place in our society we are harming ourselves. For instance, see how loss making it is to an economy where half of its human capital (women) stays indoors. A Woman is often considered as meek and docile. But give her a chance and she will show you that she is no less capable than a man. Women today do not want to be adored as deities, but all they want is equal opportunities.

My favorite thinker   

Frankly speaking, Philosophy is the place where my heart is. There are many thinkers whom I consider great. Among them, Bertrand Russell is my first choice.

I like his analytic thinking, critical intelligence, and scientific outlook. He had to face many problems in his life, as he never backed off from finding fault with an unjust and irrational way of thinking and living. He was not only a Humanist but also a great humanitarian. His views on religion, social reform, and world state are commendable. His analysis of various philosophers and their philosophies in his ‘History of Western Philosophy’ is one of the heroic efforts ever done by a philosopher. In his lifetime, his ideas influenced many young minds and even now after his death, they have the same impact. Russell was a social reformer and worked for world peace all his life. Therefore, I have no hesitation in saying that he is my favorite thinker, and I recommend his books to every individual who wants to see a positive change in the present state of affairs.  


                                     My guru: Ravipudi Venkatadri

My guru – Ravipudi Venkatadri

I met my guru Ravipudi Venkatadri through my maternal uncle when I was 17 years old. At the first meeting, I was surprised that the President of Indian Rationalist Association was looking so simple. He was completely plain wearing brownish yellow clothes, which got their color from prolonged wear and tear.  I did not know then it was the power of the brain that I must appreciate not the outward appearance because I was a neophyte then. Since then, I was drawn close to him by the influence of his writing style and thinking capacity.

Ravipudi Venkatadri was born in Nagandla village, which is nearer to my native place Inkollu, on 2 February 1922. He has more than 100 books and thousands of essays to his credit. His writing mainly deals with rationalistic and humanistic philosophies. Venkatadri is a political person too. His political ideas, not his political life, drew me much closer to him.

Before meeting him, I was initiated into Humanist ideology by my maternal uncle- Kandimalla Srinivasa Rao. In my youth, nothing else influenced me more than the legend of Manabendra Nath Roy. The story of Manabendra Nath Roy so impressed me that I never spend a day in my life without remembering him. My guru Ravipudi and his friends, who were students of M.N.Roy, are doing a great service to the humanity for the last 60 years by spreading Humanist ideas throughout India. They are very instrumental in making my mind broad and installing critical intelligence into my brain. Today, I have secured a decent government job and married a girl from the caste different from the one into which I was born. I always see other people as my equals not as different from me.

All my achievements, if there are any, have become possible only because of the thinking capacity and broad views taught to me by my guru Ravipudi and his friends. Therefore, I thank each one of them for making me what I am today and for what I will be tomorrow.  

ఒక పనిలో విజయం సాధించాలంటే...

ఒక పని విజయవంతంగా పూర్తి చేయాలంటే ఏమి చెయ్యాలి? ఇందుకు కొన్ని పద్ధతులు ఆచరించవలసి ఉంటుంది. ముందు ప్రతి పని చెయ్యడానికి కొంత సమయం పడుతుందని గ్రహించాలి. ఉదాహరణకు ఒక పుస్తకం చదవాలంటే ఆ పుస్తకం చదవడానికి కొంత సమయం తీసుకుంటుంది కదా. ఆ పుస్తకం చదవడానికి మొత్తం ఎంత సమయం తీసుకొంటుందో అంచనా వేయాలి. ఆ సమయానికి తగ్గట్లు ప్రతి రోజూ కొంత సమయం ఆ పుస్తకం చదవడానికి కేటాయించాలి. అలా చేస్తేనే ఆ పుస్తకం ప్రశాంతంగా చదవడానికి ఆస్కారం ఉంటుంది. అలా ఏ పనినైనా విభజించుకుని చేసుకుంటే సులభంగా పూర్తి చేయవచ్చు.

అలా కాకుండా ఆ పుస్తకాన్ని ఒక్క రోజులో పూర్తి చెయ్యాలని చూస్తే చాలా ఇబ్బందులు పడాల్సి వస్తుంది. ఏ పనైనా విభజించుకొని నిదానంగా చేసుకుంటే అది సవ్యంగా పూర్తవుతుంది. ఎవ్వరూ ఒక్క పూటలోనో, ఒక్క రోజులోనో గొప్పవారు కాలేరని గ్రహించాలి. ఏ విజేత జీవితం తరచి చూసినా అతడు నిర్విరామంగా, నిరంతరంగా చేసిన కృషి మనకు కనిపిస్తుంది.

మీరు ఎంతటి కష్టమైన కార్యాన్ని సాధించాలన్న దాన్ని విభజించుకొని ప్రతి రోజూ కొంత కొంత చేసుకుంటూ వెళ్తే విజయం మీ చేరువవుతుంది. కొందరు విద్యార్ధులు సంవత్సరాంత పరీక్షలు వచ్చే వరకు బుక్స్ పట్టుకోరు. చివరి నెల రోజులలో చీల్చి చెండాడుదామను కొంటారు. ఇది చాలా తప్పుడు ఆలోచన. విద్యా సంవత్సరం ప్రారంభం నుండే మనకు ఉన్న సిలబస్ మొత్తాన్ని రొజూ కొద్ది కొద్దిగా చదువుతూ ఉంటేనే ఆ సిలబస్ సంవత్సరాంతానికి పూర్తి చేయవచ్చు. రివిజన్ చేసుకునే అవకాశం ఉంటుంది. అలా కాకుండా మొత్తం సిలబస్ పరీక్ష ఉన్న నెల రోజుల్లో పూర్తి చేయాలంటే అనవసర ఆందోళన, ఆదుర్దా కు గురి కావలసి ఉంటుంది. కాబట్టి ఏ పని పూర్తి చేయాలన్న ముందు నుండి పక్కా ప్రణాళిక రూపొందించుకొని దాని ప్రకారం సరిపోయినంత కృషి చేస్తే ఏ పనిలో నైన విజయం సాధించవచ్చు.

Once I was a neurotic . . .

I was once neurotic. Because at that time, I did not know what was happening to me. And, I also failed to understand how my mind was being revealed to others. So, I felt distressed and started torturing myself and my family members as well. I became neurotic. But now, I understand that my mind is revealed through the magnificent mechanism -THE MIND WAVE. I am healthy now and also trying to find out how this Mind Wave works, that is why, I am studying Psychology and searching for books on Neurophysics.

All politicians are pigs...

All politicians are pigs, but all pigs are not politicians, to that extent, pigs are better.

Power to a politician...

Power to a politician is what prostitution is to a whore.

The death penalty is the worst crime...
In my view, death penalty itself is the worst crime.

Nobody is a born criminal. Criminals are made by the inter-mix of social circumstances and the genetic code they receive from their parents. If we give criminals enough physical and psychological treatment, we can make them normal. So society needs to look at criminals not as abhorrible objects but as mental patients.

Neither an individual nor a society as a collection of individuals has the right to take the life of an individual as life is the most precious commodity on this earth. If we transform criminals into normals instead of taking their lives, we can bring great changes to society. There are many instances in Human history of hardcore criminals becoming extraordinary individuals and leading lights of society.

అదృష్టాన్ని  ఎప్పుడూ నమ్ముకోకండి ... 

అదృష్టాన్ని ఎప్పుడూ నమ్ముకోకండి . పటిష్టమైన ప్రణాళికతో లక్ష్యం చేరుకోవడానికి కావలసిన కృషి చేస్తే దేన్నయినా సాధించవచ్చు . మా ఇంటిలో గవర్నమెంట్ జాబ్స్ రావడానికి ఇదే రహస్యం . 

Why we rule the World

70,000 years ago humans were insignificant animals. The most important thing to know about prehistoric humans is that they were unimportant. Their impact on the world was very small, less than that of jellyfish, woodpeckers or bumblebees.

Today, however, humans control this planet. How did we reach from there to here? What was our secret of success, that turned us from insignificant apes minding their own business in a corner of Africa, into the rulers of the world?

We often look for the difference between us and other animals on the individual level. We want to believe that there is something special about the human body or human brain that makes each individual human vastly superior to a dog, or a pig, or a chimpanzee. But the fact is that one-on-one, humans are embarrassingly similar to chimpanzees. If you place me and a chimpanzee together on a lone island, to see who survives better, I would definitely place my bets on the chimp.

The real difference between us and other animals is on the collective level. Humans control the world because we are the only animal that can cooperate flexibly in large numbers. Ants and bees can also work together in large numbers, but they do so in a very rigid way. If a beehive is facing a new threat or a new opportunity, the bees cannot reinvent their social system overnight in order to cope better. They cannot, for example, execute the queen and establish a republic. Wolves and chimpanzees cooperate far more flexible than ants, but they can do so only with small numbers of intimately known individuals. Among wolves and chimps, cooperation is based on personal acquaintance. If I am a chimp and I want to cooperate with you, I must know you personally: What kind of chimp are you? Are you a nice chimp? Are you an evil chimp? How can I cooperate with you if I don’t know you?

Only Homo sapiens can cooperate in extremely flexible ways with countless numbers of strangers. One-on-one or ten-on-ten, chimpanzees may be better than us. But pit 1,000 Sapiens against 1,000 chimps and the Sapiens will win easily, for the simple reason that 1,000 chimps can never cooperate effectively. Put 100,000 chimps in Wall Street or Yankee Stadium, and you’ll get chaos. Put 100,000 humans there, and you’ll get trade networks and sports contests.

Cooperation is not always nice, of course. All the terrible things humans have been doing throughout history are also the product of mass cooperation. Prisons, slaughterhouses and concentration camps are also systems of mass cooperation. Chimpanzees don’t have prisons, slaughterhouses or concentration camps.

Yet how come humans alone of all the animals are capable of cooperating flexibly in large numbers, be it in order to play, to trade or to slaughter? The answer is our imagination. We can cooperate with numerous strangers because we can invent fictional stories, spread them around, and convince millions of strangers to believe in them. As long as everybody believes in the same fictions, we all obey the same laws, and can thereby cooperate effectively.

This is something only humans can do. You can never convince a chimpanzee to give you a banana by promising that after he dies, he will go to Chimpanzee Heaven and there receive countless bananas for his good deeds. No chimp will ever believe such a story. Only humans believe such stories. This is why we rule the world, whereas chimps are locked up in zoos and research laboratories.

It is relatively easy to accept that religious networks of cooperation are based on fictional stories. People build a cathedral together or go on crusade together because they believe the same stories about God and Heaven. But the same is true of all other types of large-scale human cooperation. Take for example our legal systems. Today, most legal systems are based on a belief in human rights. But human rights are a fiction, just like God and Heaven. In reality, humans have no rights, just as chimps or wolves have no rights. Cut open a human, and you won’t find there any rights. The only place where human rights exist is in the stories we invent and tell one another. Human rights may be a very attractive story, but it is only a story.

The same mechanism is at work in politics. Like gods and human rights, nations are fictions. A mountain is something real. You can see it, touch it, smell it. But the United States or Israel are not a physical reality. You cannot see them, touch them or smell them. They are just stories that humans invented and then became extremely attached to.

It is the same with economic networks of cooperation. Take a dollar bill, for example. It has no value in itself. You cannot eat it, drink it or wear it. But now come along some master storytellers like the Chair of the Federal Reserve and the President of the United States, and convince us to believe that this green piece of paper is worth five bananas. As long as millions of people believe this story, that green piece of paper really is worth five bananas. I can now go to the supermarket, hand a worthless piece of paper to a complete stranger whom I have never met before, and get real bananas in return. Try doing that with a chimpanzee.

Indeed, money is probably the most successful fiction ever invented by humans. Not all people believe in God, or in human rights, or in the United States of America. But everybody believes in money, and everybody believes in the dollar bill. Even Osama bin Laden. He hated American religion, American politics and American culture — but he was quite fond of American dollars. He had no objection to that story.

To conclude, whereas all other animals live in an objective world of rivers, trees and lions, we humans live in a dual world. Yes, there are rivers, trees and lions in our world. But on top of that objective reality, we have constructed a second layer of make-believe reality, comprising fictional entities such as the European Union, God, the dollar and human rights.

And as time passes, these fictional entities have become ever more powerful, so that today they are the most powerful forces in the world. The very survival of trees, rivers and animals now depends on the wishes and decisions of fictional entities such as the United States and the World Bank — entities that exist only in our own imagination.

(By Yuval Noah Harari: He lectures at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is the author of the international bestseller "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind -Source: TED")

"The world, we are told, was created by a God who is both good and omnipotent. Before He created the world He foresaw all the pain and misery that it would contain; He is, therefore, responsible for all of it. It is useless to argue that the pain in the world is due to sin. In the first place, this is not true; it is not sin that causes rivers to overflow their banks or volcanoes to erupt. But even if it were true, it would make no difference.

If I were going to beget a child knowing that the child was going to be a homicidal maniac, I should be responsible for his crimes. If God knew in advance the sins of which man would be guilty, He was clearly responsible for all the consequences of those sins when He decided to create man. The usual Christian argument is that the suffering in the world is a purification for sin and is, therefore, a good thing. This argument is, of course, only a rationalization of sadism; but in any case it is a very poor argument.

I would invite any Christian to accompany me to the children's ward of a hospital, to watch the suffering that is there being endured, and then to persist in the assertion that those children are so morally abandoned as to deserve what they are suffering. In order to bring himself to say this, a man must destroy in himself all feelings of mercy and compassion. He must, in short, make himself as cruel as the God in whom he believes. No man who believes that all is for the best in this suffering world can keep his ethical values unimpaired, since he is always having to find excuses for pain and misery."

                                      -  Bertrand Russell

హ్యాపీ గా  ఉండాలంటే ... 

మనం హ్యాపీ గా బ్రతకాలంటే మనం ప్రేమించేవాళ్ళ వెంట ఎప్పుడూ పడకూడదు . మనల్ని స్వార్ధం లేకుండా  స్వచ్చంగా ప్రేమించేవాళ్ళేవరో గుర్తించగలగాలి . మనల్ని ప్రేమించేవాళ్ళను మనం కొంతవరకైన సాటిస్ఫై చేయగలిగితే మన జీవితం ధన్యం అయినట్లే .

 Love for one’s country can be called patriotism. It is good to have love and longing for our country, but it turns out to be dangerous when it becomes obsessive. Both World War-1 and World War- 2 were the result of excessive patriotism or Nationalism. Millions have perished in the name of patriotism throughout human history. Further, Nationalism and Patriotism have become antiquated cults in today’s interconnected world.

 The development of human society is not the consequence of efforts of any single country. Each country of this earth has contributed to the progress of the human civilization. Not every idea or tool that we use today is our own but the upshot of the continuous efforts put in by the people from every corner of the earth.Therefore, thinking our country as the only greatest nation or saying our country is always right is just jingoism. It will do no good to the human race in the long run.

Why do men remain bachelors?

Once, an interviewer asked Ratan Tata: "Why have you remained a bachelor all your life?"

Tata replied, "I have never come across a right girl".

If I had to answer such a question, I would say that every girl I met inspired me. I loved each of them equally. After meeting them, I became confused whom I would select as my wife. So, therefore, I have remained a bachelor all my life.

సంపూర్ణ  అక్షరాస్యత తోనే  అభివృద్ధి  సాధ్యం 

ప్రపంచం లో ఏ అభివృద్ధి చెందిన దేశాన్ని కాని ప్రాంతాన్ని కాని పరిశీలించినా అచ్చట మనకు కనిపించే విశిష్ట లక్షణం 'సంపూర్ణ అక్షరాస్యత ' ( 100% అక్షరాస్యత). నాకు తెలిసినంత వరకు సంపూర్ణ అక్షరాస్యత సాధించకుండా అభివృద్ధి  చెందిన దేశము ఈ ప్రపంచంలో ఒక్కటీ లేదు . ఏ ప్రాంతం అయితే అక్షరాస్యత అధికంగా ఉంటుందో ఆ ప్రాంతంలో వనరులు అధికంగా లేకపోయినా అభివృద్ధి చెందడానికి ఆస్కారం ఉంది . 

విద్యావంతులైన ఆ ప్రాంత వాసులే నూతన వనరులు సృష్టించుకుంటారు . ఇందుకు జపాన్ దేశాన్ని ఒక మంచి ఉదాహరణ గా చెప్పుకోవచ్చు . ఎక్కడైతే నిరక్షరాస్యత ఎక్కువగా ఉంటుందో అక్కడ పేదరికం , అజ్ఞానం , వెనుకబాటుతనం అధికంగా ఉంటాయి . కాబట్టి ఏ ప్రాంత ప్రజలయినా అభివృద్ధి చెందాలంటే అక్షరాస్యత , విద్య , సైన్సును ఆదరించాలి . మత భావనలకు తక్కువ ప్రాధాన్యం ఇవ్వాలి . అప్పుడే ఆ ప్రాంతం అభివృద్ధి చెందుతుంది .

The Pakistani Problem

Some people are, now, talking about reviving the Indo-Pak relations. Before doing it, they must think over why and how the conflict between these two countries started. The origin of rivalry is firmly based in the Partition of India which was done on religious grounds. Therefore, we can comfortably accuse religion as the main culprit in creating division among the people of the subcontinent. Pakistanis are turned out to be big losers due to this partition. And Pakistan has become a failed state.

Pakistan is grappling with its own terrorism, misgovernance and disorganized social, political and economic institutions. Moreover, there is no trace of any democratic living or respect for human rights in that country. The time has come for the Pakistanis to introspect whether they want to stay as a reactionary state or become a progressive democratic state. On the other hand, India is making great strides towards development and becoming a state to reckon with.

Pakistani people must open their minds to democratic living and scientific and secular understanding of human life. They must realize that a country can make no progress with the help of any theocratic ideologies. They should also know that their country could not continuously run with the help of foreign aid. Only the countries, which can derive the majority of their economic and social strengths from its own people, can survive in the present day world. It is better if Pakistanis groom themselves to become creative people instead of producing incessant terrorism. The destructive forces they are unleashing are harming their own country rather than India. I do not know what to call the people who bomb schools and kill innocent children.

I oppose same-sex marriages

Though I am a Humanist, I oppose the concept of same-sex marriages, as it is one of the real threats to the propagation of human species on this earth. Think of a situation where everyone on this earth has a same-sex life partner. Where is the scope for new births?

I also consider homosexuality as a perversion. It is one of the results of faulty upbringing and misogynistic ideologies. Those who cannot appreciate the beauty and elegance of opposite sex go for homosexuality. Occasional homosexual acts are understandable but taking them to marriage level is unacceptable. I oppose same-sex marriages; however, I do not deny the rights of gays and lesbians.

How terrorism starts?

Most of the dictionaries define terrorism as violent acts done to frighten people to achieve a political or religious goal. In my view, terrorism is a cult that starts on the wrong premises and bases its ideology on lies and half-truths. The majority of the terrorist organizations are originated from the leading religions of the world. 

Religion is a convenient breeding ground for terrorism. Why is it so? Most of the religions in the world are replete with myths and falsehoods, which are convenient for people to believe. None of the followers of those religions bothers to verify truths behind their so-called God-given doctrines. They show their frenzied intolerance when any contrary views are expressed against their faith. The priests of their religions fan the flames for their own survival. 

The majority of today’s terrorist activities are happening as the hardheaded resistance given by the followers of the religions to the liberal ideas. Whenever a challenging idea is presented against well-established beliefs of a faith, the followers of the faith dangerously react to it. This is called terrorism. Terrorism does not belong to any one religion. The killing of Mahatma Gandhi, The assassination of Giordano Bruno, and 9/11 attacks are some glaring examples of the terrorist activities perpetrated by the world leading religions. I have no qualms about putting Communism in this list of religions. Because the atrocities and massacres that were commenced in USSR are the best examples of how a modern religion can terrorize its dissenters. So, the roots of terrorism are firmly fixed in religious views that have been held by its followers without bothering about the truth. 

A terrorist always thinks that his religion or sect is the ultimate truth and all others are infidels. Here the real antagonism against fellow human beings starts. Furthermore, no religion preaches equality of human beings. Every religion claims it is the only genuine one and all others are fake. However, Science is entirely different. It always rectifies its errors and modifies its theories according to the new evidence that arises. It never says it has found the final truth. Science says that all human beings are equal because they are made up of the same chemical and physical stuff. Thus, it lays the firm foundation of a democratic world whereas religion always divides and discriminates people. There is no place for hatred in the scientific world. Besides history shows no evidence of any set of scientists waging war against another set because they aired contrary views. Scientists always let their theories undergo rigorous tests before declaring them as true. Their truths are not ultimate. They can be changed or rectified at any time.

On the other hand, no religion accepts new truths. All religions are resistant to change. They dangerously frighten any new thought. When they get frustrated in this struggle, they adopt terrorism to suppress the newfound truth. With this, they trample basic human rights. All terrorist activities start from the arrogance of the human brain, which retaliates against new ideas and is not willing to change itself. 


How to wean the people away from terrorism?

It will be very handy to know the factors that groom terrorism before discussing how to tackle it. The main factors that cause terrorism to grow are manifold. They are

· Political factors

· Religious factors

· Socio-economic factors

· Psychological factors

However, we cannot blame anyone of these factors alone for the rise of terrorism. The above factors all work together to breed the menace of terrorism in any area. I am sorry to say that no military action or airstrikes work better than addressing these problems. One barbarism is no answer to another barbarism. 

The main political reason for the growth of terrorism is the suppression of the people of an area by the state or any international institution. Where the political aspirations are suppressed and the suppressed people know no democratic means or have no democratic opportunities to achieve their aims, they take to terrorism. The best remedy for such a problem is to strengthen democratic institutions in those areas by spreading democratic education among the people of those areas. The democracy as a political system should take into account the aspirations of the people of all races and religions. It should address the problems of the people in a prompt manner. However, in today’s world, we find only partial democracies. There is an urgent need to spread true democratic education and use less force in every space. 

Religion is also an important factor in attracting people towards terrorism. The irony here is that which is called a modern religion of the world has become a breeding ground for terrorists. I am not blaming any one religion for the rise of terrorism. However, I want to accuse every religion of this crime of creating terrorism in the world. Therefore, the people of these religions must be educated in a way that they realize that there is a life beyond religion. Man can achieve salvation even through science. It is worthy to achieve something, which is useful to all the humanity on this earth. Then only people think broadly and analyze what is best for them. They must realize that the universe is so vast that they cannot limit themselves the Scriptures of their religion. They must take opportunities to explore the world and invent new things.

There are many socio-economic factors, which give rise to terrorism. Either most of the terrorists come from the most backward countries or have their ideologies originated in backward cultures. The main reason for this phenomenon is the underdevelopment of such areas and lack proper educational and employment facilities in those areas. Most of these backward cultures are having illiterate people who obstructed the functioning of their minds with their dark superstitions. If we educate these people in scientific and democratic traditions, we can easily wean these people away from terrorism. 

Psychological and physiological factors also play a role in creating terrorism in the world. The people who kill others are in most cases sick. They are mentally ill and physically unhealthy. All terrorists are sick people. The psychological stuff they hold in their mind kills others and ultimately kills them as well. Only timid people take weapons. On the other hand, the confident and fearless people always try to solve their problems through peaceful means. So the mental illness of terrorism needs immediate psychological and physiological treatment. We need more educators and doctors than military personnel or weapons.

Finally, I want to say that tackling terrorism is a multi-pronged approach. Therefore, we need to take the factors that give rise to terrorism into consideration and to proceed towards removing those factors. The world now needs more thinking people than military weapons. We cannot build a new world on corpses of our fellow beings but with their helping hands 

“Capitalism and the wage system must be abolished; they are twin monsters which are eating up the life of the world. In place of them we need a system which will hold in cheek men's predatory impulses, and will diminish the economic injustice that allows some to be rich in idleness while others are poor in spite of unremitting labor; but above all we need a system which will destroy the tyranny of the employer, by making men at the same time secure against destitution and able to find scope for individual initiative in the control of the industry by which they live. A better system can do all these things, and can be established by the democracy whenever it grows weary of enduring evils which there is no reason to endure.”

                                  - Bertrand Russell

Some Thinkers:


                                                          with my guru Ravipudi

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