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My Philosophy

It will be very handy to know the factors that groom terrorism before discussing how to tackle it. The main factors that cause terrorism to grow are manifold. They are

· Political factors

· Religious factors

· Socio-economic factors

· Psychological factors

However, we cannot blame anyone of these factors alone for the rise of terrorism. The above factors all work together to breed the menace of terrorism in any area. I am sorry to say that no military action or airstrikes work better than addressing these problems. One barbarism is no answer to another barbarism. 

The main political reason for the growth of terrorism is the suppression of the people of an area by the state or any international institution. Where the political aspirations are suppressed and the suppressed people know no democratic means or have no democratic opportunities to achieve their aims, they take to terrorism. The best remedy for such a problem is to strengthen democratic institutions in those areas by spreading democratic education among the people of those areas. The democracy as a political system should take into account the aspirations of the people of all races, religions and ideologies. It should address the problems of the people in a prompt manner. However, in today’s world, we find only partial democracies. There is an urgent need to spread true democratic education and use less force in every space. 

Religion is also an important factor in attracting people towards terrorism. The irony here is that which is called a modern religion of the world has become a breeding ground for terrorists. I am not blaming any one religion for the rise of terrorism. However, I want to accuse every religion of this crime of creating terrorism in the world. Therefore, the people of these religions must be educated in a way that they realize that there is a life beyond religion. Man can achieve salvation even through science. It is worthy to achieve something, which is useful to all the humanity on this earth. Then only people think broadly and analyze what is best for them. They must realize that the universe is so vast that they cannot limit themselves the Scriptures of their religion. They must take opportunities to explore the world and invent new things.

There are many socio-economic factors, which give rise to terrorism. Either most of the terrorists come from the most backward countries or have their ideologies originated in backward cultures. The main reason for this phenomenon is the underdevelopment of such areas and lack proper educational and employment facilities in those areas. Most of these backward cultures are having illiterate people who obstructed the functioning of their minds with their dark superstitions. If we educate these people in scientific and democratic traditions, we can easily wean these people away from terrorism. 

Psychological and physiological factors also play a role in creating terrorism in the world. The people who kill others are in most cases sick. They are mentally ill and physically unhealthy. All terrorists are sick people. The psychological stuff they hold in their mind kills others and ultimately kills them as well. Only timid people take weapons. On the other hand, the confident and fearless people always try to solve their problems through peaceful means. So the mental illness of terrorism needs immediate psychological and physiological treatment. We need more educators and doctors than military personnel or weapons.

Finally, I want to say that tackling terrorism is a multi-pronged approach. Therefore, we need to take the factors that give rise to terrorism into consideration and to proceed towards removing those factors. The world now needs more thinking people than military weapons. We cannot build a new world on corpses of our fellow beings but with their helping hands 

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The ways of the Universe are sometimes eccentric but everything in it is systematic. The Universe is a continuum of events where one event causes another which in turn results in some other event. Human beings are also part and parcel of this Universe. All the human actions, feelings, emotions including his thinking concur with the laws of this Universe. 

The human brain which is essentially rational understands this Universe in terms of cause and effect relationship. The rationality of the human brain is the reflection of orderliness in this Universe. Now and then the human brain falters in comprehending the laws of nature but it does not mean the Universe is a chaos. We are able to understand this Universe only because it works in a systematic way. If we take into consideration all the factors that take part in an event, we can easily determine the future course of that event. Occasionally we are disabled by our physiological limitations to understand happenings in this world at both micro and macro level. It does not indicate the Universe is in-deterministic or disorderly. All that happened, that is happening and that is going to happen do follow some laws and orderliness which can certainly be comprehended by the human brain. All the known and unknown portions of this universe are orderly and follow the laws of nature. 

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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

A free-thinker is the one who doesn't accept any theory without sufficient evidence. I have no doubt in calling myself a free-thinker. I am very happy to say I have freed my thought from religious or any other sectarian bias since a very young age ( at 16 ).

We must always understand the World as it is not as we want it to be. Our opinions should always be formed on the basis of reason and empirical evidence, not on authority, tradition or dogma. Besides, science has become a big help to the human race in the objective understanding of the World. So, it only can form a solid foundation for our knowledge.

I believe the matter is the fundamental substance in nature and everything including our thoughts and emotions are the effects of the matter. Nothing other than matter (and its different forms) exist in the Universe. Our thoughts and emotions have physical basis as they are the functions of our brain. 

Human beings are essentially rational but everywhere they are chained by dogmas and superstitions. I feel religion has outlived its utility and should forever be thrown out of human life. The majority of the strife in the present-day world rises from sectarian ideologies like religion, caste, creed, nationalism and racism etc which don't stand any scientific test. Science only can facilitate liberty, equality and fraternity among human beings. 

I give utmost importance to individual freedom and vehemently oppose any theory or institution that cripples it. Moreover, I think all theories and institutions should facilitate the freedom and progress of individuals both at the individual and social level. Whatever harms individual freedom always harms society as well. Remember, there is no existence of society extraneous to individuals. I hate every kind of dictatorship whether they are established by theists or atheists. Individual freedom should not be sacrificed on the altar of any collectivism. That is why, I unequivocally reject all the narrow ideas and practices of "Nationalism", "Capitalism" and "Communism". 

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