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The Holocaust Trails

I sit facing the young German neurologist, across a small table in a theatre in Hamburg, Germany. I'm here giving one-on-one talks called "The Unenhanced: What Has Happened to Those Deemed 'Unfit'," about my research on Aktion T4, the Nazi "euthanasia" program to exterminate the disabled.
"I'm afraid of what you're going to tell me," the neurologist says.
I'm not surprised. I've heard similar things before. But this time is different — the young man sitting across from me is a doctor. Aktion T4 could not have happened without the willing participation of German doctors.
I have a personal stake in making sure this history is remembered. In 1960, I was born missing bones in both legs. At the time, some thought I should not be allowed to live. Thankfully, my parents were not among them.
I first discovered that people with disabilities were sterilized and killed by the Nazis when I was a teenager, watching the TV mini-series "…
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Psychology of the Corrupt

It is said that everyone has their price, but what makes a cop accept a bribe, a procurement officer dish out a tender to his friend, or a school governing body cook the institution's books? Clinical psychologist Dr Giada Del Fabbro, criminologist Dr Elisabeth Grobler, and Rhodes University organisational psychology lecturer Alwyn Moerdyk examine the motivations that push people down this treacherous road. The triggers are many, it seems.

It's your personality

It is difficult and perhaps counter-intuitive to put people in boxes with neat little labels to explain their behaviour, but there are some personality traits that make the slide into corrupt behaviour easier. According to Del Fabbro, these characteristics include :

Impaired empathy – individuals struggle to put themselves in the shoes of another or understand how their actions may affect the wellbeing of someone else;

Self-centeredness – individuals prioritise their own needs over those of others;

Manipulation – individua…

What a day today....!

73 yrs back both India and Pakistan got independence   Indians have become CEOs of Google, Microsoft, Pepsico, Jaguar, Land Rover and  Pakistani have become heads of Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Jammat U Dawa, Hijbul Mujahideen  What a contrast......😊  Adding a line to this joke  India reached Mars and Pakistan still trying to enter India 😆 And Finally, They have a Moon on their Flag And We have Our Flag on the Moon

                                             - Anonymous