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Will India Become a Global Superpower?

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

      No single country can be called a super power. Each country has its share in the progress that we see on this earth.

      India has to set its house right to become one of the top countries in the world. Currently, it is facing many challenges i.e. illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, corruption, etc. India needs to grow beyond its philosophy of fatalism and nihilism. More than that it should come out of the hold of ancient religions which are eating into its vitals. Human being must be placed at the centre of its philosophical outlook. Scientific outlook and temper must be encouraged alongside imparting ethical standards. Everything the state and the society does should be aimed at individual welfare and well-being. Besides achieving its own well-being, India should gradually integrate into the vast global community contributing its share to the welfare of life on this earth.

     Mere industrialization and capitalism will not yield desirable results. The fruits of its development must reach the lower strata of the society. Making people literate should be given great thrust because ‘100% literacy’  is a striking feature of any developed country. If the people are educated, they can do wonders with their efforts by becoming self-reliant, knowledgeable, and ethical.

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