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The ways of the Universe are sometimes eccentric but everything in it is systematic. The Universe is a continuum of events where one event causes another which in turn results in some other event. Human beings are also part and parcel of this Universe. All the human actions, feelings, emotions including his thinking concur with the laws of this Universe. 

The human brain which is essentially rational understands this Universe in terms of cause and effect relationship. The rationality of the human brain is the reflection of orderliness in this Universe. Now and then the human brain falters in comprehending the laws of nature but it does not mean the Universe is a chaos. We are able to understand this Universe only because it works in a systematic way. If we take into consideration all the factors that take part in an event, we can easily determine the future course of that event. Occasionally we are disabled by our physiological limitations to understand happenings in this world at both micro and macro level. It does not indicate the Universe is in-deterministic or disorderly. All that happened, that is happening and that is going to happen do follow some laws and orderliness which can certainly be comprehended by the human brain. All the known and unknown portions of this universe are orderly and follow the laws of nature. 


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